World Without Walls students gather for a group photo

A World Without Walls

World Without Walls students gather for a group photo with their luggage at the airport

It Takes A Village

Oloi Inc. is proud to offer support to A World Without Walls, an initiative of the Maker/Design Studio at Leadership Public School in Hayward, California. We share program founder Lucy Rivera’s commitment to community and furthering design opportunities for young makers, and agree that the best way to effect meaningful change in design is through global experience.


Two World Without Walls students play drums

Maker/Design Studio

As part of Leadership Public School, the Maker/Design Studio offers creative education in a variety of disciplines to students. Here, students learn skills such as woodworking, sewing, prototyping and 3D printing, and more. Highlighting design thinking, collaboration and creativity, the Maker/Design Studio emphasizes students’ agency in creating the version of the world they wish to live in. Ms. Rivera empowers students to engage in the world around them, both in their community and globally. These efforts are embodied in A World Without Walls.


A World Without Walls student poses with a young Dominican child

A World Without Walls

Says Ms. Rivera, “The program was started in 2017 in partnership with my students, born out of their desire to create their own opportunities for experiential learning and to learn about their world while building human connections with young people outside of the United States.  Most of the participating students are first-generation and have never traveled outside of California or the United States.  Service learning trips allow them to gain confidence and see themselves as being able to participate in a global conversation.”

Previously, students in the program traveled to the Dominican Republic. Take a look at some of their experiences below.

A World Without Walls student practices her dancing in the Dominican Republic
World Without Walls students guide children through a learning activity
World Without Walls students present a lesson to young children in the Dominican Republic


Ms. Rivera stresses the importance of such experiences to young minds:

“Because of their travel opportunities, many of my students’ dreams and plans for their future have become focused on international work.  I am excited to hear from students that their plans involve career goals such as international business, careers in the medical field that involve overseas work, and ambitions to work in science and engineering on a global scale. These are dreams and aspirations that would not have been a possibility without their travel experience.”


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World Without Walls students gather for a group photo
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